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Terriers? Fun and Playful, and Adorable!

We’ve answered some of the questions on what to think about when adopting a dog.

Seems like most of us would love to keep a dog, but don’t know what type is suitable.

Questions from readers:

My daughter  wants “a white one, small , zile zinatembea zikiringa” her words..shida ni where will i keep it???- Esther

I want a small dog those tu cute ones, and I want to still be in the same apartment. How long can one leave a dog in the house? Its between that and a parrot owse my live in gecko will do? Next question, would be how long can it survive bila food, or do I just leave a huge heap for it? is there a training manual with the dog? whats the approximate cost for feeding per month? I have heard small dogs are very protective, would it bite my guests ama there are happy pills out there? (pole never owned a dog before)- Rachel

West Highland White Terrier

Let’s take a look at some breeds, and we’ll start with a very popular breed, the terrier.

Terriers are very common, and very cute! They’re usually white and with long fur, either straight or curly.


These are feisty, energetic dogs whose sizes range from fairly small, as in the Norfolk, Cairn or West Highland White Terrier, to the grand Airedale Terrier. Terriers typically have little tolerance for other animals, including other dogs. Their ancestors were bred to hunt and kill vermin. Many continue to project the attitude that they’re always eager for a spirited argument. Most terriers have wiry coats that require special grooming known as stripping in order to maintain a characteristic appearance. In general, they make engaging pets, but require owners with the determination to match their dogs’ lively characters.

Most terriers have wiry coats that require special grooming known as stripping in order to maintain a characteristic appearance. In general, they make engaging pets, but require owners with the determination to match their dogs’ lively characters.

– Source: American Kennel Club

Long legged, the Airedale is the largest in the terrier group

Terriers have a wide range (The American Kennel club has more than 25 types). But by far the most common in Kenya seem to be the Jack Russell, the Cairn and Yorkshire terriers and their mix. They’re usually white, little (well not like Chihuahuas), and adorable seems to be their middle name. it’s still debatable whether a Maltese is a terrier or not, but most mixed terriers seem to have their characteristics.

The Maltese.

However, most terriers, especially the long haired ones, need constant grooming. It is recommended that a daily combing and brushing of fur is given, and possibly a wash after at most, two weeks. The grooming is also determined by the type of environment your dog lives in. If he loves water and mud, then you better get ready for a weekly bath!

The Russell (commonly Jack Russell), is short haired and very playful

Like all dogs, terriers require plenty of exercise and space. They’re also highly sensitive and require plenty of love and interaction; with a lot of separation anxiety when left alone for long periods, and might become easily bored.

If it is necessary to leave your dog unattended, make sure they have plenty of toys and activities to keep them occupied until you return. This will keep them from destructive activities like digging holes and chewing up shoes or furniture.

Cute one! Cairn Terrier

Have fun when picking your dog, and remember to give it all the love and care it needs!

Visit KSPCA Kenya to see if they have any dogs that need a home!

One of the smaller breeds, a Scottish terrier

Types of Terriers

These are the listed acknowledged types of terriers:

  • Airedale Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Australian Terrier
  • Bedlington Terrier
  • Border Terrier
  • Bull Terrier
  • Cairn Terrier
  • Cesky Terrier
  • Dandie
  • Dinmont Terrier
  • Glen of Imaal Terrier
  • Irish Terrier
  • Kerry Blue Terrier
  • Lakeland Terrier
  • Manchester Terrier
  • Miniature Bull Terrier
  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Norfolk Terrier
  • Norwich Terrier Parson
  • Russell Terrier
  • Russell Terrier
  • Scottish Terrier
  • Sealyham Terrier
  • Skye Terrier
  • Smooth Fox Terrier
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Welsh Terrier
  • West Highland White Terrier
  • Wire Fox Terrier

Often considered tough, the Bull terrier was originally a mix between a bulldog and terrier

One of the smallest breeds, Yorkshire terrier


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